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iSUPS or Airboards are the biggest trend in stand up paddleboards.  They are tough so you don't ned to worry about dropping and breaking your board. They rarely puncture and you can fix them with the small repair kits provided. They are easy to transport in comfortable backpacks provided and most weigh around 10-15kg.  They weight will depend on the size, fabric and construction type and over time they have generally become lighter, tougher and more rigid.  Storage is easy as you can just deflate and roll up your board.  Deflation and inflation takes a few minutes with a hand pump provided or if you find tis a chore you can buy electric pumps to do the job.  The latest pumps can take a board to 20 PSI so your board will feel very rigid. Aiboards come in many shapes and sizes.  We prefer boards of at least 11' 6' for river use as they will enable you to paddle against a current and cover distances. Short boards are best for surf and all types are good for beach holiday fun.  An inflatable stand up paddleboard will be slightly less stable than a solid board the same size so it's best to buy an iSUP slightly wider than you would buy in a hard board.  Most people will find a 31" - 31" board stable but if you are heavy, tall or want to use your board on choppy water or places where staying on is important then wider is better.  Tryin before you buy is a good idea and beware of some of the cheap paddleboards now on the market as the quality may not be good. A good inflatable stand up paddleboard package will include a pump and a good rucksack carry bag but not necessarly a paddle and leash (most of the paddles packaged with boards are very basic and heavy).

When choosing the perfect stand up paddles boards for you or your family, it's vital to take care in choosing. Knowing which of the stand up paddle boards is most suited to what you need it for, along with the paddles and other accessories, will help keep you safe. It will also make the whole paddle board experience more enjoyable as you will have the right board for the water you will be spending most time on. It’s always best to try out a few boards first to try them and see which ones work best for you.

If you need any more advice on which stand up paddle boards uk to buy, then get in touch today. As experts in this exciting sport, our team can talk you through all the different options. We can arrange a demo session where you can compare boards on water. Once you are ready to buy, we can help with this too and get the board to you fast. With great value deals on a range of top quality products, we can have you out on the water in no time at all!

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