Starboard is the longest established SUP brand with the biggest range of boards.  Based in Thailand the boards and paddles are designed and tested on a lake in Bangkok.  The company takes great care to ensure their boards perform well as well as looking good.  They are designed to the highest standards and have long led the way in racing and in surfing.  More recently their inflatable touring boards have excelled and we really like the current range.  Starboard paddles have always been good and have kept pace with the best in the industry.  They are certainly not a cheap brand with prices in the mid to upper range but they are competitive and offer good value so you are paying a bit more than average for consistently good design and the reassurance that their products will perform.  

Starboard is now a certified B-Corp and is leading the SUP industry on environmental issues including the fight against marine plastic pollution.   For every SUP sold Starboard plants a tree in Myanmar which reflects their commitment to protecting the environment.  Active360 has a strong affiliation with this company and we have been out to their HQ in Bangkok.  We have also visited and paddled around the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar where Starboard are helping to rebuild the depleted mangrove plantations which offset CO2 and protect the coastline.  Starboard are a listening company and where we have given feedback they have listened and their latest products reflect the needs of the most regular users.  They are trying hard to minimise single use plastic so you will find simple brown paper bags inside their minimalist packaging boxes. 

When you buy a Starboard you are not just paying for a name - you are buying quality design and also voting for the future of our fragile and threatened marine environments.  


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