Active360 Carbon 3 pc Split Paddle

5 out of 5 stars Friday 09 February, 2018 By John Chiu (Active 360 SUP coach and @paddleabroader on instagram
Yesterday I tried out the X paddle from Active 360 SUP, a 3-piece adjustable all-carbon paddle made by X. Whenever I write reviews, I mention the body of water and weather condition too- yesterday I was on the Thames and again it was a surreal day. No wind or chop, so it was a great opportunity to assess the new paddle.

Carbon from handle through to end of blade, the paddle was definitely light for a three-piece adjustable. Great for those with limited space, who value convenience yet do not want to compromise performance.

Speaking of performance, it was one of the best of its kind that I have tried. The tear-drop shaped blade itself was narrow, which is great for racing or high cadence strokes in general; because it allows the paddler to keep the blade closer to the rails of the board, thus tracking straighter and therefore going faster. The all-carbon obviously helps with really high cadence- there were moments on the Thames when I sprinted to give it a proper race compatibility test. It passed my test!

Lastly, and the most noticeable feature both on and off the water, was the “V” shape carved into the backside of the blade. This feature allows the paddler to catch the water with each stroke with greater control and traction. This is a great feature for making pivot turns and stronger strokes in general, as I felt a greater physical connection with the water. Being that it was such a calm day on the Thames yesterday, I really had a chance to test this over and over again; and I felt it definitely made a difference.

Overall, the X paddle is a great choice if you are looking for a paddle that gives you:

- easy transport given its three-piece easy to attach/ detach build;
- high performance given its lightness owing to its all-carbon make-up;
- high cadence given its narrow tear-drop shaped blade;
- control and stability given the “V” carved into the blade.